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Wood torrefaction is growing rapidly in North America.

Torrefied wood is an ecological product, totally natural, renowned for its environmental qualities as no chemicals are added in the torrefaction process. Wood torrefaction is a wood treatment at high temperatures.

Wood torrifaction ovenTorrefied wood becomes more waterproof, much more stable and more resistant to all forms of biodegradation. Also, torrefied wood takes the look of exotic wood species as the process enhances the wood grain.

Wood torrefaction modifies some qualities of the wood, while adding value to less noble wood species, which are often rejected by the industry. Most species, deciduous and conifers, can be torrefied and thus, benefit from the advantages related to torrefaction.

The wood species mostly used are cherry, ash, oak, poplar, aspen, maple, and gray and white pine, amongst others.

Torrefied wood can be used in most traditional wood applications.

Whether for inside or outside uses, floors, stairs, mouldings, patio furniture, pergolas...

Torrefied wood is a natural alternative to chemically treated wood, which can be harmful for health.

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